A380 Rework

Hi there! I am really asking if the A380 Rework is done, will it be free?

Hello and welcome to the community! The new a380 will be here soon, sadly, it will not be free

No, you’ll find out once there’s an Announcement post for it.

No, it costs money to rework aircraft.

It will be here soon. However if you want to fly it, you will need a pro subscription, like for every other aircrafts you can’t fly when you don’t have pro

I think people without pro subscription deserves more free aircraft, since the a380 is now requiring a subscription you can make the 787 or 767 free

I will point out that the free version of the app is effectively to give people a small taste of what the app has to offer, to give an incentive to purchase the Pro subscription if they like it.

Making more aircraft free is completely pointless - and if anything the 787 and 767 aren’t great examples - as a lot of the aircraft in the sim are of a much higher standard.

I’d argue the free aircraft selection is in need of a rework, however, as there isn’t a single “up-to-standard” free airliner at the moment. If you’re telling me the 737-700 is the best of the best IF can offer in terms of airliner quality because they can only make small GA aircraft modeled to perfection (that’s what an outsider who’s just found IF and has no idea the forum exists or doesn’t want to join yet could think), I wouldn’t really be looking into getting a subscription. Sure, it was a great free aircraft selection in 2017, but not in 2024.

IF has evolved, but the aircraft in there mostly didn’t, especially regarding the main feature of any flight simulator, airliners. The ones that did (2017-2023) are the CRJ-200, but it lacks a live cockpit, the A-10, which no one really uses, as well as being pretty unstable and easy to get in an uncontrollable spin, the XCub, the C172, the A321, though that one was just a cockpit and maybe physics rework rather than a rework from the ground up, the 737-700, which was the same as the A321, the 747-400, which was even more disappointing, being just gear tilt (not even wingflex, which was given only to the -8) and the F/A-18, but with the caveat of there being only one free livery.

Jason told me a while ago that they were planning on doing something regarding the free aircraft, which I hope is as good as the regions rework done back in 2021 (though I’m afraid the 717, one of my top aircraft as it is, might leave the free selection).


Wait, don’t they already have it in legacy?