A380 rework

I know I have asked a lot about reworking the A380 but this is the reason why I have been asking this happens too me every time I fly a380. I know this isn’t a parking spot but I have no control off the airplane in other words can’t turn right or left on the taxi way

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Is this just an issue you have with the A380?

Are you able to reproduce the issue consistently? If so what are the steps to reproduce the issue?

It happens by itself every time I land

Would you be able to send over a replay of a flight where it happened?

I think I have already

It’s seems like you just but a little too much pressure on the nose wheel by powering up quite a bit and turning hard right at the same. However I’m unable to reproduce the issue. I suggest you exit the runway a little slower next time, there shouldn’t be a need to go hard right at 50% power while at 15kts.

Also, I suggest you don’t taxi across grass or cut corners. If you had been on expert that would have earned you a report.

Okay thanks

Ikr. I would also like to see planes like the a380 and 747 getting a rework, especially the air force one (sounds kiddish, ik). Idk why people voted for planes like a220 last year tho.

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This Issue solution is not a rework, it’s because of the speed you apply while turning hence when you break and try to stop the plane the nose gear gets stuck while turning or going at a high taxi speed and putting breaks, so please ensure you are at an optimal speed as per the degree of the turn that shall help you manoeuvre the A388 better.

This always happened when your aircraft full load .