A380 rework

B4 u say this maybe a duplicated I looked on the features and I did not find any of this and I would love to see it reworked feels like it needs APPR tilted landing gear and a live cockpit and a few liveries like special liveries and now for the background

Sorry to say that you did not look hard enough as this is a duplicate.

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Oh ok my bad I will delete it then

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@moderators may close this! Since it’s a duplicate

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You cannot delete the topic, a mod will come and close it. Please remember to use the search bar when creating topics to avoid making duplicates

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also you can only have 1 picture in the Features category. Also this is a duplicate.

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Tagging them with that doesn’t do anything

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He actually can delete it. It’ll close itself and be removed in 3 hours unless flaggged.


Alrighty guys adding more to the topic isn’t necessary, please stop


Duplicate topic