A380 Rework Speculations

So recently I’ve been looking at rework progress from Ig pages like the official IF page and IF News and, I’ve came across the photo of the Emirates A380 which seems to have a tad bit of interior design. What do you guys think? Are we getting an interior or do you think that we won’t?? Genuinely just curious.

I’m thinking 100%. So far it looks like the devs are going all out on this one and I can almost assure you there will be at least somewhat of an interior.


We are, a while ago Cameron shared a picture of the A380 cabin door and lavatories, so most likely there will be an interior


Let’s keep talk about the A380 in the official tracking thread please: Official A380 Rework Tracking Thread

This is a wildly exciting airplane for the community and it’s great to see the hype, but inevitably these speculation threads end up with someone saying

“Do you think the showers in the Emirates plane will have brass handles or stainless steel?”

And this kicks off a big debate.

Then when there aren’t showers the forum in general has a big fuss and people enjoy the new plane less.

Let’s focus on the parts of the new plane as they’re confirmed. The team has been keeping us supplied with a pretty steady stream of peeks!