A380 Reversers

I was wondering why the Airbus A380 only uses two engines (Engines 2 and 3) for reversers on landing.

Its designed that way

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This should be in #real-world-aviation

But do you know why?

It doesn’t need four mate

Well the 747 (Aircraft similar in size) uses 4?

Here ya go mate!

Internet’s ya friend as @Maxmustang would say ;)

In short: it’s because the outboard engines often overhang the runway


Adding to what Santa said, the A380 is so big that the engines 1 and 4 are outside the RWY area at most of the airports. To not let anything dangerous in, they decided to only let engines 2 and 3 have reversers. But that is also enough, the others aren’t needed.


Yes, there’s this thing called Google, it’s really cool. You get to search up stuff, and it’s how I found out the IFC