A380 reverse issue

Device: iPad Air 4
Operating system: 17.3.1

I’ve just landed at OMDB and while seeing at the replay, I noticed something strange. While reversing, engines 1 and 4 were at power.
Does this really happens in real life or it’s just an issue from the airplane?

This is probably an issue with the replay and how things are handled and ‘replayed’ in IF’s replay system

The HUDs and screens should not be trusted in the replay.

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You’re right, just tested it in solo, thx


Laura mentioned on the preview stream that only a couple of engines on the A380 have reverse thrust. Not sure why the outboard engines show 80% n1

In real life, only the two innermost engines are equipped with reverse thrust.

Yup. The potential issue I see is why the n% on the outboard engines show 80%.

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That’s odd. Probably a replay thing as others have suggested.

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@Mathurin_Garcier has the correct answer, it’s simply an error in the replay.

The panel shows the correct N1 values when actually in flight, it just appears to be an issue with how the panels are rendered on replay.

This was an issue noted during beta, but as it wasn’t a show stopper it wasn’t deemed a necessary fix. It will hopefully be fixed in the future.

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