A380 replays

As the A380 is getting reworked and won’t be free will the A380 replays still be available. (For context I don’t have pro) so I was wondering if the replays would still be available when the update with the reworked A380 comes. As when I did have pro I wasn’t able to access the replays when my pro subscription ended.

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Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but my guess would be the replays would work, but the aircraft would be invisible.

I believe the replay would be greyed out and you wouldn’t be able to access it. As @BennyBoy_Alpha said, this is simply due to the fact that without PRO you won’t be able to load in the aircraft. Therefore, IF just greys it the replay completely.

Anyone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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Incorrect. Unless the livery is removed (such as Transaero), you WILL be able to load the aircraft normally.

Are you sure this isn’t because the A380 is free currently? OP is inquiring about when it becomes PRO.

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Well, I could load the new E175 despite not having Pro.


That’s interesting. I was commenting based off of this topic:

And Seb’s following comment:


I actually had wondered about that. 😂

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