A380 randomly dives

I was doing a flight from RSKI-KSFO and about 7 hours into the flight the plane randomly dives. Normally I would think the autopilot deactivated, but from what I saw in the ATC logs, maybe not. This caused 3 violations, and in which I won’t be able to access the Expect Server for 24 hours. This is no big deal, I was just excited about going to FNF for once. I still can, but very late.

Over all there were 11 “Autopilot disengaged, check flight parameter” messages These messages appeared shortly after the dive started.

I have a video but it won’t let me add it.


Hiya! I don’t know what happened there. If you can send us your replay via http://www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com/, it’ll help us help you.

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Alrighty, I will get it on there.

You should send this to a MOD so they can help you.

Here we go.

It looks like for the main part of the dive before the Autopilot Deactivate warning, you didn’t bank or turn. So my assumption is something triggered the Altitude A/P to turn off, entering the dive and disabling all other A/Ps

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I can’t see how that would have happened. My mother and I were upstairs watching the news, and my sister was watching Youtube. She was in the same room, but she says she did not do it. She saw it diving and came and told me.

That’s not to good did you get any violations or ghosted

What the altitude autopilot set up correctly?
Also when the AP disengage the reason you may have kept diving is because of non calibration

If you read carefully, it says A/P turned off AFTER diving

Oh ok sorry

He got three violations taking him off expert for 24 hours

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I always set the interface timeout for 2 seconds to minimize the chances of something touching my device in long hauls

Did you step climb and created a realistic flight plan before your flight?


Was it a stall? As pointed out by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk this regularly occurs in the A330/A340/A380’s during climb if it isn’t step climb or at a very low ascent rate.

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When I was reviewing the replay I noticed the trim went to full pitch down immediately, when I was in the HUD view I noticed the aircraft was bobbing up and down after it first started its dive. Also you should have been able to recover in approximately 10 to 25 seconds after you went diving. I’m not saying it was you or you sister but I thought I would point that out.

From looking at it it looks like you didn’t stall as there was no extreme pitch up before the dive, if this was a AP error then I would suggest that you contact the moderators to look into it farther keeping in mind that the A380 is old and hasn’t been touched in years so this bug could have gotten past them if it was a AP error.


I used FPLtoIF for my flight plan, and after about 2-3 hours of flight, I climbed up to 37000 with a VS of 100.

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I was not even in the room at the time, it dived for maybe about a minute before my sister came up because she noticed something odd.

@TimShan05 Yes, I agree, it pitched down because of calibration.

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What was your altitude and weight at the time of the incursions? (approx.)

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FL 370. Weight, I am guessing maybe about 700-500K LBS. That is a rough approx. It had been flying at that altitude for the last 5 hours and had been fine.