A380 Question

Random question related to the a380 rework- just curious, as the old Lufthansa a380 livery is being phased out, does this mean since it is kinda a former livery that it will not come with the a380 rework? I understand if this can not be shared yet, or if there is no info yet about it. Thanks.

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No one really knows what liveries will be coming with it, as none are really confirmed yet, besides Emirates of course…lol. Oh and British Airways.


Usually IF favours the new livery in reworks/being added to the sim, [ex: new Lufthansa A330, no old Lufthansa A330] but sometimes they would add the old livery if: the old livery is very popular [ex: American chrome livery on many aircraft], is a popular retro livery [ex: Air Canada’s TCA livery] or the new livery isnt on that aircraft yet/is retired before the new livery [ex: most “retro” aircraft liveries]. Edit: also if there aren’t many liveries for the airline, another edit, lmao: so it is most certain that the new livery will be added, but since the A380 livery list is so low there is a higher chance than say a 747-400 rework


@Anthony_Gulluscio I do agree with @Alaska_298 on this. The developers and who ever is behind this massive project, will strive to do what is most realistic. Lufthansa wouldn’t paint another A380 in the old livery, but would the new one. Simple answer, most likely will come with the new livery.


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