A380 Program Ended - Last Delivery set for 2021


Rip. It was a classic case of right aircraft wrong time. The world was looking for efficiency, but as airports get more and more congested, one day we’ll get an A380 size aircraft again.

The spirit of the super jumbo will live on.

An Etihad A380 tail, Abu Dahbi, April 2016


An A380neo in 5 years ?
Why not 😂


The problem is is that the A380 probably wouldn’t be cost effective on those short haul routes. They require very high demand at certain times to be profitable when on those routes normally it’s better off having multiple narrow bodies on a higher frequency then a single wide body. For example, in Japan where demand was really high for domestic travel, they utilised 747s and today, 777s to fly domestic routes. But those are quite rare in the western world.

An A380 also requires special engineering works for both airline and airports to be able to handle the aircraft. For instance a lot of airports have designated A380 gates where they are the only gates they can park in.

For Ryanair style, you’ll also be flying into secondary airports which will probably get an influx of 800 passengers in and 800 passengers out then nothing for another 12 hours or so. For the airport operator, it isn’t cost effective whatsoever.

An example of this whole scenario was when Pacific Southwest Airlines bought L-1101 to run intra-California routes like San Diego to Los Angeles. It turned out it took just as much time to board and disembark passengers as it did to fly the aircraft. The fuel cost was too high and the result was order cancelled, and several million dollars worth of investment for the L-1101 in maintenance etc. being put to waste.

Tl;dr running the A380 short haul is too infeasible. It’s too large for those kind of routes and airports.



Formally announced this morning that the last A380 will be delivered in 2 years time.

Sad 1 End of era of the 4 engine passenger aircraft but the raise of the efficient twin jets.

Sad 2 ( and more importantly) over 3000 jobs across Europe will be affected. Airbus hopes to be able to move those jobs on to other lines.


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Anyhow, while it signals the end of four engine passenger aircraft, I believe that’s only temporary. Airports worldwide are getting more and more congested every year. Soon the only way to increase capacity is larger aircraft. And that’s when four engine aircraft really shine.

Also, what makes me really sad is no longer will we have aircraft parts moved across France by road at night, or by barge. I wonder what they’ll do with the holding sites, the barges and the low loaders

A380 Gone

Title of post is “Airbus is ready to announce that its ending production.” However it was only formally confirmed this morning ( 14th Feb). As this thread was already discussing the demise of the ‘Whale’ it was better to add here rather than start a new and near duplicated thread.



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It was too heavy even before they had to add bolsters to the inside of the wings due cracking.

ALL Airbus 4 engined jets have never come close to their advertised fuel efficiency. The A380 was and is the same. It burns a lot of fuel for a small uplift in passenger capability. Unfortunately it’s ability to carry the passengers bags and any useful amount of cargo is extremely limited.

The biggest issue with the A380 IMHO is the pavement classification. It’s an extremely heavy aircraft on the ground leading to airports requiring to make long term, expensive infrastructure changes in order to handle it. Not an issue if you are a ‘hub’ but smaller airfields don’t want the expense.

This has a fall out effect that many people don’t realise. If you have a limited number of major international airfields that can take your Super Heavy jet then the amount of viable fuel/weather alternates is reduced even more. Hence the jet often has to take an uncommonly high percentage of contingency fuel as the only available diversion might well be a fair few hours away! This all adds to the aircrafts lack of commercial performance.

The final nail in the coffin has always been that dropping an A380 onto a high density premium route was meant to reduce the number of aircraft needed on the route, the fees, the engineering and the crews etc. Most passengers paying for the expensive seats that make up the majority of the profit for many airlines predominantly want flexibility not bulk. One 380 a day is far less preferable to a businessman as 2 x 777 a day for example. Flexibility is key.

The aircraft is nice inside and very quiet when underway but its fuel burn, lift capability, range and limited destination options make it obsolete already in a world of point to point ULR twins.

Good business decision to kill it.


What a legendary aircraft. It’s like the 747 in many ways in terms of being an icon. I’ve been lucky enough to fly on Emirates several times (and an upcoming booking) and Thai Airways on their A380s and it’s a magnificent piece of engineering. Perhaps Airbus saw it coming when planning the A350, or maybe it was their way of gracefully accepting the future of these massive birds and the need for a more “sensible” aircraft.

Either way, it was always going to be more of a relatively temporary usable gimmick that would eventually be made redundant in the modern world. I hope that the memories of the A380 will live on for a long time and who knows, maybe we’ll see another similar aircraft appear in the future.


Valentines Day shows no Live for the A380 💔

Some may sorrow, some may joy, but the A380 will never find its soulmate B747 to be with 😭


This is really too bad


This is so sad. The A380 was the plane that made me crazy about aviation back in 2006.


the most comfortable/safest airliner to fly in, sadly passengers comfort is one of the least importance for airlines ;.;


I believe that the last ANA A380 will be the very last A380 to grace the skies


Looks like the queen of the skies may have won! :)

Don’t kill me Airbus Lovers


Must of never flown on the 748, that’s a great plane to fly onboard.


how can i even get on a 748? it’s such a rare plane ;.;


Lufthansa, Korean Air, China Air operates them.