A380 Program Ended - Last Delivery set for 2021


True, but let me back it up.
Cost to buy: https://www.quora.com/How-much-money-does-it-cost-to-make-an-Airbus-A380
Cost to Operate: https://www.opshots.net/2015/04/aircraft-operating-series-aircraft-operating-expenses/
“The Airbus A380, the largest passenger jet, costs between $26,000 and $29,000 per hour, using roughly $17,467 of fuel, approximately $40.19 to $44.82 per mile. The engines on these aircraft account for 5% of the operating expenses. According to Airbus, a 475-seat A340 has an overall monthly cost advantage over the in comparison to the 747-400 of $557,000. However, even with the higher cost per seat mile, the 747-8’s cost per trip is just 12% lower than the A380’s, while the cost per seat is 9% higher.”


@Daniel14, in French, you say “Adieu” when someone/something leaves for good. Saying “Au Revoir” would be like saying “see you soon”.

You should know this stuff!


That is another depressing fact, four-engine aircraft are also dying. The A340, 747 and now the A380… For me they will always be the most majestic birds in the skies…



Fellow whale haters, let us celebrate in joy!

I will say that it is a historic aircraft, even if it is utterly useless and ugly.


I think a major disadvantage was the fact that no freighter variant, unlike the 747. Also, the 747 had engine modifications, and other variant advantages that made the aircraft more suitable to modern aircraft competition. The A380 never modernized and thus, fell. (This is in my opinion)


Nice meme tho.


The true whale is the beluga XL.




And operating cost is part of the over all issue with the program. Sure the A380 is an expensive plane it doesn’t count as a flaw directly to the aircraft as you said.


From what I know, the A380 couldn’t really be a proper freighter due to Its’ 2 decks and its’ size.


Guys, with the end of the A380, I have a big doubt, will Airbus continue their A380 plus program or it will be also cancelled?


That will also likely be cancelled.


Ugh, it was supposed to be the A380´s version that I would really like. xD


Hmm, possibly. I think that the second deck could be removed, to allow loaders to stack containers.


Now just one thing I can’t figure out, it’s clear that the number of passengers are increasing each year, but if Airbus planned the A380 let’s say 20 years or so later on than when it started presently would it have survived? I mean the reason that airlines can’t afford to keep them is due tot he fact that they can’t fill them right? Now also there’s the case of fuel efficiency but that can’t be said much since if they started the program later it’d be more fuel efficient right?

(I’m happy the 747 is still living :) we need a party)


What’s cheaper to run, a four engine aircraft or a two?


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I mean the 777x is slightly larger than the 748, if the trend continues the supposed A380 in the future would’ve had two, again just hypothetical but I understand the current situation.


What about the 797, that is expected by 2020.


Uh isn’t that the replacement for the 75/67?


It Depends.