A380 Program Ended - Last Delivery set for 2021

That was something that was circulating a little while ago, that the A380 still has yet to break even, which it still does but not as much as it did a few yrs ago.

Money runs the skies everyone and the A380 is too much money.

Especially since airports had to be altered to fit it

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No hate. Its just that these kind of topics tend to turn into an Airbus vs Boeing ones. And obviously those kind of comments dont help

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About a year ago, I wrote a 14 page essay explaining that this would happen, and I have just been proven correct. Oh happy day!


I think a ton of us who follows Airbus stocks and financially knew this day was coming, a lot of us were impressed it stayed alive as long as it did.


It’s going to take a while for airlines that rely on the A380 (I.E Emirates) to fully withdraw their A380s. The A380s will stay for a little while longer.

I still like Airbus and Boeing basically the same. The A380 isn’t my favorite plane that is in service.


Qatar will retire their A380’s once they are paid off. As early as 2024


Oh snap! The end is very near for the A380.
Edit: any articles to back this up?

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In my opinion, a failure. The 747 was already a great plane. The only reason the A380 exists is because Airbus wanted to top Boeing with a jumbo jet.


I don’t think the aircraft as a whole is a failure, it just joined the party to late in its time, the failure goes to Airbus. The program hit major bumps.


Agreed, however the A380 as an aircraft has many… many flaws.

It shouldn’t be too surprising. As unique an aircraft as it is, in the current climate (meaning contemporary circumstances, nothing to do with GW, for those easily triggered), it’s like driving a semi as your back-and-forth to work vehicle.

(And I thought Boeing vs Airbus was banned. If not it should be. Number of minds changed per word spent on the topic is 0.00.)


Name some that’s specific to the A380?

In my opinion, the A380 is too big and costly for standard operation. The aircraft alone costs upwards of close to $100,000,000 USD. The aircraft also has a massive operating fee due to fuel and maintenance. Along with that, not many airports can support the thing due to its size, it is a double decker. Not a small hump like a Boeing 747, but full double-decker. It is very heavy and hard to stop, I could go on and on.

It also takes a lot just to fly the thing.

It is sad to hear that another member of the family is dying. Even if it´s the Airbus A380. It never was a special plane for me, I never loved it or was a fan of it but it is still a sad moment.

But in the other hand, let’s look forward. Airbus and other manufacterers have tons of projects and ideas to be completed in the future.

Thank you A380 for improving aviation, we will all miss you.

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That right there, while in your opinion you can make those claims. Those aren’t factual evidence to back up all the “flaws” specifically to the A380. You make a few good points.
Maintence of the aircraft is higher since it’s a four engined aircraft. That’s natural of aircraft with more then two or three engines. Now cost an hour/flight time we need get into detail to see.

Airport support, yes some had be widen and new terminals built (which really isn’t a flaw it’s good).

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More like disadvantages. Wouldnt call them flaws

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