A380 Program Ended - Last Delivery set for 2021

After many airlines canceling, deferring, or getting rid of their A380’s, Airbus is ready to formally end the A380 Program on the 14th of this month. There is no word as to if this will affect current orders, like will they ramp up production, get the last few out and just not allow orders then quietly get rid of the A380 entirely. Let me know what you think below.

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Qatar says once they have paid off the A380s they will be out and replaced by the 777x. As early as 2024

Last delivery set for 2021

Emirates orders A330neo and A350


RIP. A legend. Slowly, they’ll become more rare, and avgeeks will maybe treat it like we treat the 747 right now. Why? Fuel/cost efficiency?


The A380 isn’t having so much of a whale of a time anymore. Glad to see it go.


While it is a shame for those who adore the A380, there were multiple disadvantages to it that led to its downfall.


The only A380’s I like are the 3 ANAs, we might only ever see one of those unfortunately


Good idea but just isn’t what the market wants anymore. I believe the 350 series will make up for the lost of the 380 program

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Will it have been the last quad jet airliner ever?

True. Emirates replaced all their A380 orders with the A350.

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Even with the A380 program ending, it may send Airbus into a downward spiral that they may never be able to get out of

There still deciding on that

I think UPS still has orders for the 747-8F not too sure though.

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Ok we get it, you hate the A380. No need to brag about it on every single post about the A380


Not an airliner, but yea.

I’m just stating my opinion, nothing wrong with that.

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I don’t see this happening, unless the government of France stops supporting Airbus they’re still going to be around.

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They do, and I think have quite a few on order

I agree. The 350 program is a big success, so idk why the a380 would fail the entire company.

Brother no hate 😂

Anyways, sad to see this beluga go. I hopefully can fly it before it goes extinct

Simply put it, quad jets are not the future anymore. Huge, wide body twin-jets have taken over the competition. Quad jets are just not fuel efficient. The newest twin jets are much more fuel efficient and may even have a longer range.

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Oh well, another aircraft bites the dust 🤷‍♂️