A380 performance calculator - updated

Hi all,

When @dimitriB asked me in september if I’d done a performance calculator for the soon to arrive new A380, I gave it a bit of thinking, and eventually started in november working on the most complete file I could make. It is now (finally…) done and I hope it can contribute to the flying experience of some of you with this great aircraft. It took me many many hours, mainly because I am not clever enough to find the good solution to each problem without running through all the bad ones… ;)

As this project is more complex/complete than my previous files, I kind of included instructions about how to use it in the file itself, so I’ll keep it short here :

  • it is based on my reading of an original FCOM found online (from an asian airline), countless pages of web, videos, images, studies, reports… and obviously many test flight, at first with old model to build the file, then with the new one to adapt to the new flight model.

  • it lets you plan from scratch, but you will need information about the weather. The best source in my view is fpltoif.

  • it is important to fill the weather section with great care (wind and OAT), trying to average things when needed so that speed and flight time are as accurately predicted as possibles.

  • when starting a new flight, and to avoid errors/problems, it is best to : 1/ erase winds from previous flight but keep meaningful OAT, 2/ set the “add/remove fuel” to 0%, 3/ set NO in the “step/no step” option, 4/ make sure all %N1 values under the TOGA/FLEX selection box are filled with some kind of value even if they will not be used in case of a short no step climb flight (sorry about that…), 5/ Set TOGA at first.

  • some calculated values have to be manually copied in specific cells… why? To avoid Excel running in loops!

  • I am pleased to help anytime, and of course really looking forward to read some comments and feed-back. I have made the file as accurate as I could and hope it proves at least a bit interesting for some of you.

Looking back from my first calculator for the A319/320, quite some years ago, I am quite happy with this last one! I would not say I have improved as fast as IF has over the same period but I do my best! ;)

I wish to thank @dimitriB again for his support and also @Jakub_Astary for his important early feed-back on this project.

The file is set-up for the KLAX RKSI flight scheduled a few days ago… I am running late! ;)

Happy flying



Thanks for all your hard work Tep, I cannot wait to use this amazing calculator when flying the 380!


I forgot to mention that the file is meant to use exclusively the Airbus developped B612 font. It is not on everybody’s computer but you can download it for free.

You’ll find more information about this font below :

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Thank you!


You are most welcome!



I have updated the file to correct a slightly too low end of climb power for short hauls with low cruise (28000 to 32000).

I also stress, which I had not done before, that the file has an Excel format, and as such should work ok using Excel, but has been made using CALC. I Have alas no way to check if all is working with Excel. Please let me know of any problem you may find here.

Happy flying!