A380 overweight flight from Dubai to Auckland

Hello! I am going to fly from Dubai to Auckland in a couple of hours. My load is going to be 107%. So I was wondering what would the best altitude, climb rate (fpm) and cruise speed would be?
All kinds of tips are welcome!

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I recommend step climbing and climbing and a low VS so that your plane doesn’t end up stalling itself


Have a look at this tutorial on how to step climb :)


You really shouldn’t fly at all if your aircraft is overweight.


Hmmm… it shouldn’t be that heavy anyway…

Have you planned using Simbrief and with the ‘Fuel Factor’ down to M15 or near there? Combined with a maximum number of passengers at 517, this should bring your weight back down.

Hope this helps.

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thank you so much!

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If it’s too heavy you have to use less passengers and cargo and you have to step climb


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