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Hello! A few days ago I was doing SYD - LAX on a QANTAS a380, and I ran into a problem. I was taxiing to the runway with everything filled out and ready to go, when I used the rudder and the nosewheel collapsed. I was wondering if there was a way to yank it back into place, but I didn’t succeed. I had to leave the flight and try it again, where the exact same thing happened. On the third time I finally managed to takeoff. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a bug? Is there some type of rudder tactic to use to help me with this? Is it a weight and balance thing? Let me know.


Clear the scenery cache same thing happened to me when I was doing KLAS-OMAA. I cleared the scenery cache and it worked perfectly.


Yes clear the cache because I was in New York (KLGA) and near runway 22 my E-170 fell into the ground and basically I could fly it but it was under the earth so I was told to clear cache and BOOM, it was fixed, I happily flew to KDCA after that incident! ;)


Great to know.

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As other people have suggested, try clearing scenery cache first.

However, I believe this was because how heavy you were, as you probably had a lot of fuel. Try lowering your weight, too.

Ok thanks! E


I’ve also had this problem quite a lot. I was flying Sydney - London via Dubai on the Qantas a380 after landing in Dubai my nose wheel collapsed and I never got to finish the flight.

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How can I clear the scenery cache? Where is that setting?

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Settings > General > Scroll All the way down

Click “Clear” and then “yes”.

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Thanks for the swift response! I’ll be sure to try it out!


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