A380 Main Deck Wing View

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I’ve always hated the top view of the A380 wing - it’s just too plain and it’s not interesting. So a wing view like this should be added:

Not saying that the current view we have should be removed. Such a view would hopefully influence more people to fly the A380.

About The A380

Note: The developers at this time do not have any intentions to rework the A380, and this is not part of the A380 rework.

This would be cool, that’s a nice view


Voted for this :)

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With wingflex, this view would be amazing. 😩


I think we should rework it first

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Man that A380 wing is massive
Would vote but no votes I have

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That would be absolutely fantastic for the whale… Considering also the flaps deployment sounds

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This would be nice with a rework

Yes yes yes, simple to rework a camera view

OP requested closure. Utilize your locked free cams for the time being. A reworked A380 would likely come with new camera angles.