A380 love at first flight

Ladies and gentlemen, here I give to you the a380, love at first flight (love at first sight for me)
We’ve already been lacking a house livery for the a380, and I so want the a380 to get a rework, that hopefully this livery will help calm me down lol. Plus, after seeing what the developers did with the unique KLM Orange pride livery, they should really take on this livery! (Which threw me into hysterics when I found out about it.) Notice all those logos at the side of the plane. Would look fantastic in infinite flight!

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Hey! I actually can’t find an active #features request for this livery, which is good news, but the bad news is that you need to be trust level 2 to post in the #features category. As Misha says- “If you cannot post in features, please do not use #general as an alternative. Feature requests have particular structures needed to be followed in a request:”

Once you reach trust level 2, feel free to make a request for this livery following the outline given in the category introduction!

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Feel free to vote in the thread below for the A380 rework.

There is not a request for this livery yet. When you get to TL2 you can create a topic for it.

I suggest you take a look at the topic linked below for info about the #features category.

I’m so sorry, I have submitted a flag to have this deleted. I had no idea the community would be so strict, I’m pretty new here.

Everyone learns as they go along at first, no one expects new members to join already knowing every single rule! Don’t worry.

It’s fine that you are new. I was the exact same way. If you’ll read the PM I’m going to send you I’ll link some helpful topics.