A380 LOOOOOOOONGest Flight Challenge

30 feet, speed I am keeping private as to not make my record too easy to take

I did a 10hrs flight with 128,000kg fuel, over 10,000kg cargo and slight over 600 passangers from Paris-France to Tokyo-Japan

My longest flights with the A380 were SYD-LHR through west asia and AKL-LHR over the arctic (or backwards I can’t remember) with no engine shutoffs on either flight. I tried GRU-NRT and that one I had to, at one point, shut all 4 engines off, but landed safely on 2 engines. It was direct also and I don’t really recommend taking it on that exact route. All of these had roughly 400 pax and full fuel/cargo all of those were over 20:00 flight time.

The MD-11 has a WAY larger range than this. I Fly 15 and 16 hour flights on a daily basis, Sometimes even 18 hour flights.
Max practical range is about 7400nm
Max performance range is about 11,800nm

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Now I’m flying from Cape Town to Los Angeles via London(without landing). Almost 10350nm :DD

Hope A380’s big fuel tank can take me landing in Los Angeles safety

It’s a strange route but I want to try it.

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He specified M 0.85 and FL320, both of which make the MD-11 incredibly inefficient.

And for what it’s worth, MD-11 max is closer to 14.5-15k without winds, triple engine. Tested.

I was using that as an example. Bruh
Also theres a reason its called “practical range”

Using what as an example? You gave a number, I gave a different one.

Even if you define “practical range” as max passengers, max cargo, and a whole suite of reserves, it’s still closer to 8k - and I highly doubt this is your definition as that doesn’t seem very realistic.

Oh bud sounds good whatever you say. I don’t have time to argue about this right now, We can talk about it later.
I feel like I’v had a lot of conversations like this on the IFC of people trying to prove others wrong and I’m just kinda done with the drama.

And if you listened you would remember I actually described this exact conversation to you twice.

Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing here?

@AndrewWu has completed some pretty extensive testing on aircraft range in the simulator, I think his word is likely correct 🤷

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Then stop lol. You’re not going to beat Andrew if that’s what you’re trying to do.


Clearly I can’t compete with someone who wrote a 100 page guide on this exact aircraft, that would be my mistake for picking this fight.


Yes, I do remember. While I respect your work on the MD-11 I feel that it’s good for me to call out discrepancies I see. You’re more than welcome to prove me wrong, though. Maybe start by showing how you arrived at 7,400?


In the first place anyway the topic is about long flights in the A380.

Why is it every topic you’re in suddenly in becomes about the MD11?

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I just did LHR-AKL last night, and the night before CDG-AKL-CHC (last minute diversion from AKL just before descent). I don’t know if engine types made a difference or that little bit of distance did but the Air France EA GP7200 did better than the British Airways Trent 900s. Both routes were done via southwest Asia. By distance I think these were my absolute longest ever. The BA landed with only 2% fuel while I was low, but not in an emergency situation with the AF and would’ve been more than fine if I stuck with AKL.

Without flying over London, this would’ve been about 19 hrs. I’ve done CPT-LAX a lot with the 777 family and the A380 would be more than fine flying direct. For “realism” you could make like BA made a new route that does LHR-CPT-LAX and back all over again for increased traffic from California to South Africa. I recently did LAX-CPT-FRA in only 26 hours with the A380 on expert server, but I stopped in Cape Town.

Oh hmm I never thought different engines would give different data. @AndrewWu any details on this?

Untested but I highly doubt it, probably just small variations in flight profile/winds. IF has never really done differences between engines so I don’t see how this would be different.

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Just tested one data point, seems like maybe the Trents do better? I was pulling 20:42 full fuel FL350 with the Trents and 20:30 same conditions with the EAs. Regardless not a huge difference.

That’s super interesting if it’s indeed true. I don’t think IF has ever done different fuel burns for different engine options (until now it seems).