A380 LOOOOOOOONGest Flight Challenge

1+1 = 2

This is easier for people to replicate, and before that, imagine.

Right👍 it seems the estimation isn’t the most accurate when the aircraft actually loses weight of fuel gradually

Does this apply to doing step-climb?

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@AndrewWu has an interesting point. If this aircraft could cruise with 2 engines it would be great. Though for instant memory, the 77W uses more fuel when 1 engine is off compared to normal, the fuel consumption curve is not linear - and of course, it wouldn’t according to kinetic energy and friction👍

As long as you’re doing the same step climbs with both planes, it applies.

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I’ll challenge From WSSS via KSFO to KMIA with Singapore A380 :DD

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Starting the challenge in CS.

Callsign: Qatari 1104. Departed from Shanghai with 3 engines on currently. FPL planned according to Windy, as close to tailwind strips as possible.
FlightPlan_ZSPD_ZSPD.fpl (3.6 KB)

22:36, 4 engine ops the whole way except I had to glide it in at the end.


Great. On my way with 3 engines. I feel I like toward the middle I could lose another engine

Definitely can, especially if you drop to a lower altitude.

Test done.

Around 26hrs 35min with 3 engines on. See FPL in earlier threads.

Findings: flaps to 1 on the first half and flaps to 1+f on the second half reduces file consumption.


…I thought we moved past this era of IF. You’re right, 1+F is knocking off about 1,200 lbs/hour. That’s insane.


Devolving back to the 747 days I see lol

And the 787s

Yeah insane…Can’t believe!

Also using flaps 3 or F cuts off like 3200 lbs when heavy LOL.

lol 10 charac

@hzjw885dth not sure if you saw this

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Interesting but still didn’t understand how? Like flying at 100ft (?) at what speed?