A380 long haul flights


I was trying to fly Sydney LAX route on A380 with airplanes configured under heavy category.But due to fuel shortage I couldn’t reach the destination twice.Cruising attitude was set at FL30.Earlier I have flown Delhi-SFO 18 hour flight on 777-200LR without any problem of fuel.A380 is the ultra long haul aircraft and this problem shouldn’t have happened.Did I made any mistake or wht should I have done different?

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How much fuel did you set at the beginning? That aircraft is more than able to fly that route.

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what was your airspeed at?

how heavy were you?

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Better planning will get you to your destinations. Remember, this is a Simulator and not a game. Happy Flying…

Try sim brief to fuel and a FPL if you want to be accurate


Step climbing and flying at an economy cruise speed are your best bets on increasing your range


Should’ve cruise on higher altitude than FL300 right? To minimize the drag cruising altitude for a heavy A380 must be around FL360-FL380.

Anyway that depends on how your weight & balance setup too. You might fit too many passengers/cargo thus reduced the amount of fuel to get below MTOW.

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The average cruise speed of an A380 is actually about M.74. I would recommend cruising around there.

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The cruising speed is actually 0.85, that would be the most fuel efficient speed.

@ekolaziale For such a long flight you wouldn’t climb so high quickly, but you should when you are lighter.


K. I went on google and it said 564mph, so i googled 564mph in Mach and it said .735, or .74 😂

Yeah, cant rely on that. Always check for Mach. 😂

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Kinda tricky situation because he didn’t tell his weight & balance setup, but I agree step climbing should be the practical way though …


I tried flying the A380 yesterday on OMDB-KSFO route yesterday.
Again, I was short by 450 nautical miles.
I was climbing with a vertical speed of 500, cruising altitude at 38000 feet with a cruising speed at Mach 0.84

I have attached the weight and balance screenshot.

Thanks all of you for your replies

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My friend for simplicity, I would install FlightRadar 24. Once you do that, search for the route using an origin airport and destination airport. I just checked and Emirates operate this route with their a380. Once you do this, click onto the flight number of the route. After this, press the little drop down menu and all flight information including FLIGHT TIME is displayed. To calculate your fuel, add the flight time’s worth of fuel + an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of fuel in reserve into your Infinite Flight sim.

Hope this helped :)

Your fuel only serve 13 hours 42 minutes, was that 100% already? OMDB - KSFO should be 15 hours and a half. With 30 minutes spare your fuel should put estimated 16 hours of fuel.

As Jake said above me, use Flightradar24 or FlightAware (my screenshot here) to estimate the time.

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http://onlineflightplanner.org Is good for fuel planning. I’d add a bit of fuel just for ease of mind.

Flight aware is good for your flight planning routes.

Did put the fuel tank full on 777-200lr

It is certainly possible that the winds could have changed and you didn’t have enough reserves

Proper planning will account for every variable described here. I do ultra long hauls often while I’m working my 12 hour shifts (naturally means I can’t perform step climbs) and have no issues with landing an A388 having only expended my trip and taxi fuel.

Im doing another one for tomorrow’s shift. So tell you what. Find a real life A388 route (and please make sure we have the livery for the airline that operates that route, I’m particular about that) that takes at least 14 hours to complete in the real world. Let me know what that flight number is and I will show you step by step the planning I do for the route and the results of the flight. Or I guess any aircraft will do.