A380 lands in Maine for medical emergency

The A380 landed in Maine due to a medical emergency involving a passenger. My favorite line from the article is as follows; “ The fire department needed to use its aerial ladder to retrieve the patient from the second level of the double-decker A380,”. The full article is below.


Cool article. A pretty short rw for an a380 tho

11,500 feet/3,500 meters?

11500 ft is a pretty long runway.

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Planes divert to Bangor more than people probably realize. Here is a good article from a few years ago about the ‘why…’


Imagine the residents near the airport hearing the massive A380 coming through. Definitely different than the regular lighter aircraft.

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For what it’s worth, the Antonov An-225 (World’s largest) has been to Bangor.

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I bet 99% of the passengers knew that Maine existed 🗿


Woah! Maine!🤯

That would actually be kind of cool, an extra takeoff and landing! No so cool for whoever had the medical emergency…

Can I also pointed out the nice little KC-135s behind it.

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