A380 landing technique


What’s everyone’s landing technique for the A380? I idle thrust levers at 40 feet and flare 3 degrees but I seem to touchdown very hard. Any tips?

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How is your speed?

I would suggest not flaring at all. The A380 is quite crap when it comes to flight physics.

I generally come in at 145-150 kts and barely flare.

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145-155 knots

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An A380 crosses the landing threshold at a docile 140 knots and touches down, depending on its landing weight, at a speed as slow as 130 knots , about the same touchdown speed of some corporate jets that weigh 1/50th as much as the world’s biggest airliner.

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I think this would be good to try out :)

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The large wings make up for it though 👍

As others have said, don’t recommend flaring. It also makes you pretty unstable on touchdown. I would just come in 135-140 with trim +30 and try to just glide down to the runway.

Try landing at 120 knots, your landing will be much smoother.

In the A380?!

Yeah, it sounds unreal but it feels nice.

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