A380 landing problem

The A380 ( King of the skies) is not very responsive during landings, it always wants to dive into the ground in IF . I even changed the sensitivity etc… But still want to nose dive

Can Infinite developers help! ?

Have you remembered to recalibrate your device? Weren’t you overweight? Have you tried to trim? Those factors should be taken into account. If none of that helps, remember the A380 is an outdated model that needs a rework, which you can vote for here:


Yes I recalibrated

I think an A380 is well known for its bad physics and unrealistic performance…


Use trim. I use 50% trim on the A380 and it lands fine. These are old, non reworked aircraft so everything isn’t perfect.

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Idk man I think a 4 engine giant needs the next rework 👀 B747, A380, A340, or C17👀


Yeah this is the problem I think.

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True … Yeah

Yeah I should be reworked on

I will try

never happened to me

Although I’m in favor of reworking the A380, This never happened.

Do consider your aircrafts weight during landing, and increase speed if it gets a bit unresponsive. That’s what I’ve found to work when an aircraft gets a bit tricky