A380 Landing Issue

I have completed two A380 flights now - one long haul EGLL to YSSY and the other RSKI to RJTT.

On both the Speedbreaks and flaps did not slow the aircraft down even in level flight, and on approach the airspeed jumped from 160kts to 260kts with 1 second (like a sudden glitch) and started giving over speed warning even though I was nose up attitude and descending a “Stable approach”. On the first landing into RJTT I commenced a go around, went around and came in at a lower approach and the same thing happened jumped to over 260kts from low 140kts right on flare and then the “crash” screen came up.

I’m grade 4 and fly often and never had this happen.


Hello! That sounds very weird indeed. Personally I have not encountered this issue. Can you attach a replay of this happening, so we can get to the bottom of this issue? :)

This is weird indeed, though I have to say that the new A380 requires to trim down when engaging each flaps level in order to avoid balooning so much that it raises VS and accelerates.
I had to go around at my first landing attempt since it would not slow down at all!

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I’ll refrain from addressing OP’s question until we have a video of what’s going on. I’ll answer what I can answer for now.

Flight spoilers are your friend. The A380 is very slippery. You either descend fast or you slow down, not both. General rule of thumb is Flaps 1+F or 2 at the top of the cone (10nm final), 180kts. Drop gear at 2000-2500ft, start slowing by about 6nm, dropping to Flaps 3 at roughly 160kts before Flaps F shortly after.

Use flight spoilers up until a 3nm final as necessary to help you slow. It’s super common to use spoilers IRL on final as well.

TL;DR: plan ahead with the A380. Don’t fly it and expect it to behave like a 737.


Just saying it works totally differently from the original A380, and other buses we have and that I have flown many many times. We need to adjust to that.
I never use spoilers on final and did not today, once I figured out the trim thing.
My two cents.

The A380 speed doesnt go down straight away either not good when your on final approach at 210kn 😭

Yep I slowed it to 200 but when I was at 4k feet it was at 248kn for some reason so same

That is way too fast.

Did you watch the tutorial video?

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im aware its too fast i was making a joke by saying the a380 doesnt slow down fast enough when your descending

Hi there! In the same boat- I have only ever had 3 violations in my history with infinite flight, and unfortunately got 2 violations added to my account descending into Dubai from OTHH- I did a typical altitude spacing like I always do to make sure that by the time my plane descends to 10,000 that I am well below or close to 250 knots to avoid a violation, however even with autopilot I was given 2 violations and this was with full flaps/ailerons on to ensure that I would slow down in time, but it didn’t work in my favor. I had to exit out of the game to avoid further counts, and it made it look like I was deviating ATC instructions due to trying to keep the plane nose up since it continued to go over 250 after making a conscious effort not to.

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I did do a second flight and gave myself a ton of extra time to slow down(this is a much heavier plane after all so may have been my bad on the violations) however my final speed would not go to my goal of 150 knots unless I turned off autopilot and manually controlled it which I’ve never experience before with autoland/glideslope. Usually I use the autospeed until the very last second as preference, and then cut the engine right before hitting the runway.

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I’ve been flying for a while and picked up my first-ever violation because the A380 wouldn’t slow down with speed brakes and spoilers deployed.

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Hi zeroroyalty, your description of your issues makes it unusual enough, I don’t think it can be addressed without a replay. If possible it would help everyone if you could show us visually:

The same exact thing happened to me apart from the airport wasn’t atc covered so it didn’t look like I was deviating atc instructions

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From my experience so far you basically need to continuously slow down from around 15000ft all the way down.

The A380 is a very slippery aircraft - more so than the 777 and A350


Now I slow down from 16000


just had the same issue when i was approaching OMAA with -1300 vs and i was using flaps 3 and spoilers


I did a second flight and got things right this time. Descending from 37000ft saved about 9000kgs from the previous model, in the same 30 minutes. That is huge given that fuel burn (per %N1 per Altitude) has not changed at all.

So this plane is very slipery indeed. But is also balloons a lot when adding flaps, which has to be compensated by nose down trimming, to avoid raising VS to a point where it can no more be slowed.

By doing this, I got a perfect Vapp of 133kt (359000kgs) and landed nicely, without using spoilers.

My two cents.

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Is it really common for the A380 IRL to use spoilers on approach? I never knew that. Do you have any references?

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Thanks for your efforts to explain things. Just a little thing : There is no such thing as 1+F on approach. The flaps part of conf 1 only comes in certain circumstances that concern only TO. On approach, it is conf 1 to conf 2 direct, so no flaps to about 15°, which is a lot. That is why it must be compensated to avoid having the plane rising when on approach.