A380 landing issue

Yeah it’s probably the old physics, hope the A380 gets a rework soon

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Yes, because it is an old model and the physics haven’t been reworked yet.

Of course!! I hope… 21.3 or 22.1.

Just wondering, when did you disengage AP?

Agreed. That’s why, even though it’s one of my favorite planes, I seldom fly it. What a pity!!

1000 ft, full flaps. 138 knots.

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Wait did u even calibrate?

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I DID. I even used trim.

Well u should edit that in. And second were u under MLW?

Yes. Way under MLW.

300, vs MLW of 394.

The 138 is for MLW, so I reckon it should be about 135 IRL.

Yes the A380 has bad physics. I would suggest voting in A380 rework.

As for the A380 speed you can still use it’s manual but I would suggest taking a look here. It’s quite helpful.

I know you calibrated but are you sure your device was not tilted down? This could be the result.

I’ve noticed a similar thing.

Perhaps good to vote for the rework on this beauty?

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90 deg upright. No doubt.

Of course! Did you vote? I did.

I tried to land an A380 but it happened to me before when I first tried it 😂

Sounds like it’s just bad physics then.

Of course.

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