A380 landing gear stuck

when i’am landing on a A380 the front gear stuck on the ground

Hello, it sounds like you may have landed a bit too hard which then lead to your nose gear sinking. Try adding back pressure to your landing which will soften the effect when your nose gear touches the runway. Positive trim is also valuable to help reduce the back pressure needed to soften the landing.

What speed did you land at? Too fast and it will make it difficult for you to control the aircraft.


land with 170kts air speed+ Thank you very much for this note

Try landing around 145-150 kts Indicated Air Speed. You’ll see a significant difference. ;)

Try lifting up the Airbus A380 just above 10ft of the touchdown and USE TRIM ! Recommending to use 20-30% Trim depending on how you want to control the landing.

Here watch this video and try and add it to your next landing and every landing

I would recommend pulling the nose up at 50 and taking the throttle out at 20

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