A380 lack of landing gear drag.

I´ve noticed that, compared to the B747, this plane doesn´t have drag when the wheels come down, a bug or something intentional?

The gear drag is not modelled on some aircraft at this time. Some aircraft still has no landing gear drag, there has been no timeline announced by the developers to add that at this time.

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Landing gear drag is a relatively new feature for the flight model. New planes come with it by default, and it has already been retrofitted to some older airplanes in the sim, but with no set time frame or with specific aircraft schedule. Rest assured that all airplanes will be gradually updated and refined, just a matter of time.

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The A380 looks very modern, I assume you´ve been playing with IF since its early days right?

About 3 months after its launch on iOS, so about mid-2012. The original model was even more basic - the A380 has been through one overhaul, but that one happened before the landing gear drag was supported.

Interesting. I really hope they add the drag, I can´t wait to fly it well, I always overfly the runway.

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Both 747 models, the 737 trio, the Airbus planes except the A380, the E-Jets, the 777. And those that have a non-retractable landing gear.

Off the top of my head I can think of the whole A320 family, Cessna Citation X, Boeing 737 BBJ (possibly extended by now to the rest of the 737s, I haven’t flown them in ages though so I’m not 100% on these), the 747s, 777s and the ERJs. I may have missed a few here, so if someone else knows better and are reading this, feel free to fill in.

All the 737s have drag, I fly the 737-700 and 800 almost exclusively.

ah there you go. Cheers for the info :)

No problem, the 737 is for me the easiest plane to fly.

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The A380 has a lot less gear drag than the likes of a Boeing 747.

But in game there isn’t any drag.