A380 Issues

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out because I’ve been experiencing some issues with the Airbus A380. Whenever I try to take off, the airplane starts moving backward as if it’s in reverse. It also tends to veer to the right side, and when attempting to land, it becomes highly unstable and gains altitude without any input from me.

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered similar problems or has any insights on how to address these issues. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


This can be addressed with rudder usage. Being a bigger aircraft, slightly more rudder input than you’re used to may be required in order to counteract a strong crosswind component.

This description likely means that your aircraft is not in the correct configuration. This may be anything from incorrect speed, flaps setting, trim, etc.

I would highly recommend watching the tutorial that was posted on the YouTube channel if you haven’t already.


I’m having a wierd problem to so I’m on solo with no wind nothing and when I rotate the aircraft turns right like I’m using rudder but I’m not.


@Goz and @Frank_Cullimore if you still have issues that aren’t resolved by @Thunderbolt 's link, and those issues are reproducible, it is most helpful to upload a video of the problem:

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While on the ground, my airspeed is indicated at several times what my groundspeed is; e.g. 61 kts airspeed vs 8 kts groundspeed. This has the effect of the aircraft veering sharply during the takeoff roll as if it is at 150+ kts groundspeed, when it’s under 100.

The A380 rudder is extremely effective, much like its IRL counterpart. You’ll actually need less rudder input than you would in a narrowbody (bar the 757, that thing is mental) to correct for crosswinds. The big rudder and big tail give it a lot of rudder authority, and too much rudder will only cause you to overcorrect. Ask me how I figured this bit out.

This sounds like you’re dealing with a hefty head/crosswind component. Use rudder to compensate. Your plane will veer based off of airspeed, not ground speed. Aerodynamics don’t care for ground speed after all; it’s all about the airspeed.

Unable to replicate. There was an issue in testing where the plane would roll, not yaw, to the right due to some wonky issues, but Laura resolved that early on, and we haven’t had a single report of it happening again. Check your controls; the chances of it being an issue with the plane are slim to none.

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Two ways I could reproduce this without wind:

1)Are you sure all engines were on? I just verified there is some asymmetrical thrust representation.

With no wind, while on my take-off roll, if I shut off an engine or two, I get no yaw with the nose held down as I continue to build speed.

But as soon as I rotate, there is unmistakable yaw due to the thrust imbalance.

2)The map-on rudder-hold “hack” will keep your rudder locked to one side under the right conditions (which I just re-verified).

And what could potentially add to confusion is that if you have the rudder locked to the side as you completed some bit of flying and, say, hit take-off or short final again, the locked rudder does not reset. It has “memory lock,” as does the throttle position.

I keep long landing. Is it just me? I don’t usually do long landings. Overall, I think it feels different from other IF airplanes.

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Thanks for the response! I checked my weather settings and the wind was something crazy like 60 kts.

Undershoot the glide path by between 1/2 a dot to a whole dot as you approach short final. The A380 is mildly floaty between 50ft and 20ft, so you need a mild bit of forward pressure. Be gentle with the flare; start it between 20 and 10ft. It feels different because it is different.


What about the reverse thrust setting? I usually use 50-60% on other aircraft but on the A380 even 80% seems like its barely enough.

Just use autobrakes low or medium. They’re more than powerful enough to stop the plane even at idle reverse. And FWIW, the A380 only has reversers on two engines for a plane that’s double or triple the size of most others.


Thanks a lot

It happens in solo with no wind! I tried in multiplayer and seems to work but I hope this problems will be resolved soon as I’d like to train a little bit before flying it in expert server!

This also happens for me, but my quantities are equal on both sides of the aircraft, and there is no wind? (solo) I’m also calibrated as well.

@Goz and @liamdugan2009 It would help to get to the bottom of this if you could possibly upload a replay. The Share My Infinite Flight Link is above in comment #4

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I usually let autobrakes do the work when landing the A380 – that way braking isn’t too heavy and at most airports, you can usually roll to a high speed and quicky vacate the runway for the next A380 in trail. :)


I will upload a video of the issue! However, I am also experiencing some issues online with A380. As soon as I am ready to fly the infinite flight app crash and I have to start over with my preflight checks and so on! I can’t fly this airplane!

I think it’s not an issue with the 388, but I can’t hold the nose gear up when the rear gear touches the runway. The nose wheel immediately went down. I approach at 142-138 kts and I do set my trim to 45-55%. I also works for me flying the 333. if I go up with the trim to 55%+ the plane starts to float at 10ft. Pulling the rudder backwards also leads the plane floating down the runway. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hello I was flying A380 from RJAA to PHNL, 56% load, climbed to FL390 and the aircraft was not able to hold airspeed at 0.85. Don’t know why?