A380 issue

I was flying muscat-Dubai in an airbus a380 and I had disconnected autopilot for final and then the plane’s speed just increased to 188kt then I powered down and it slowed to 170kt but no lower and then I increased thrust for a go-around but then it kept just floating above the runway am doing immediately went to 300kts I was pulling up but nothing was happening, I had the sensitivity on normal I changed it to high nothing happened, I also had no control over heading even before I disconnected autopilot It kept drifting to one side by banking, It can’t be calibration because I have never done a flight with calibration and this has never happened. Also I had an approach speed of 140 so when it started banking I thought I was too slow and Increased speed to 150 but it went op to 188.


The a380 is a old plane in IF, so I’m not surprised there are some issues.

It sucks because this was on EXPERT!


Oof. I feel bad.

Are you positive auto pilot was off?

Well I think you get the meaning of the term “expert” wrong because if you didn’t know the “expert” server is a place where pilots including you can enjoy a realistic and serious environment. So “expert” doesn’t change how aircraft behave.

Yes I was just using heading because I don’t exactly know how to hand fly heading yet but I do that all the time and nothing happens.

True, just saying that it was embarrassing because there were other planes there.

Then it isn’t your fault obviously.

Just give me a minute I will post a replay video.

Won’t let me post it.

Upload it to

And then post it here

Did you calibrate your device before disconnecting the Auto Pilot?

No but I never do and this has never happened.

I would recommend you to calibrate your device every time before you disconnect your autopilot.

Also what was your flaps at?

Will do next time.

Full flaps.

That’s really not a good flight

What do you mean by not a good flight?