A380 is no longer pitch down in level flight

When did this get fixed? 👍

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You’re flying at 29,000 feet…


Actually 28,400 AGL (29,001 MSL) to be exact…


It was never “fixed”.
If you are referring to pre-Global… you probably were going to fast in the tiny regions at too low altitudes.

It’s a different thing now when you’re flying at higher altitudes.


Oops! It’s kind of hard to tell the 0 and 9 apart from far away.

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No post global actually. Last time i flew the 380 only around a month ago it was always nose down in level flight, like the 757 etc. I’ve just done three flights at different cruise altitudes, and it appears straight and level now. What’s going on!? Does someone want to test the 757 and so on to see if they’re still doing it?

I’m telling you, no physics changes have been made to those aircrafts lately. At least not in that way.

You’re probably heavier, going slower or something.


Definitely slow, look at the GS and wind…

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There are a lot of variables that would explain this since they have not done work on the 380. It could be speed, altitude, weight, trim flaps etc…

Flaps at 28+ thousand feet

Poor aircraft.


Who knows, on IF you can forget!

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I always raise flaps at the correct speeds. I’ve tried it with a head and tail wind. Ok so no work’s been done, might just be my imagination, or did anyone else notice it nose down at cruise?


Faster and higher

She won’t be pitching down at 250IAS. Not even the 767 does that.

Daniel, as schyllberg explained to you, there were no physics changes. The behavior of the plane depends on your airspeed, winds, weight, altitude, … (which was also explained a few times 😉)

If you want to fly a plane that has physics which let you wonder why it’s flying after all: Try the Boeing 757. You’ll discover that the physics flaws on the A380 are very acceptable compared to it. Just relax and enjoy your flight knowing that she’s behaving normally this time. ✈️

I’m not a grade 2 pilot! What would make you say that?

Sounds like you are implying that @The_Geniusman is a bad/unskilled pilot. One’s grade does not always correlate to their flying skills. Let’s be nice here.


So I decided to test this…

@danielsun36 is right. If it previously cruised nose down it definitely looks normal now.


Notice the difference, must be sensitive to small changes in wind direction etc. Anyway I still love this aircraft.