A380 invasion @ KORD - 150800ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KORD-KSFO

Time: 0800Z

We will start at KORD and when we are ready we will taxi to any runway and takeoff. WE will fly in formation until KSFO comes and then we will get in a line and land one bye on and park at the small parking area.

KORD = Chicago
KSFO = San Francisco

If you read it properly, @singaporeairlines

You cant fly from region to region

Sounds fun though

What time is the event in bst

And I don’t like the idea of San Francisco let’s use Southern California can’t we?

Edited title to fit the proper event title format: About the Events category


Almost, the part between Z and 15 is the month, not the day. Replaced SAT with AUG. Also, please do this event on the Free Flight Server. I can’t stop you from doing inter-region flights but it makes the app crash on the ATC side, so please do it on the FF Server

Never tried an interregional flight before…how many of you have done it successfully…and how long do you fly at the end of one region when you have almost left the map before you enter the boundary of the next region…the old versions of IF notified you that they were cutting your throttle and you had to manually keep your finger on it and do similar gymnastics to avoid crashing…is that no longer a problem…and finally…are the regions sequential when you enter them …is…if you are flying from Chicago to Frisco…do you also fly through Denver…etc…IMHO…someone needs to make a tutorial on how to do this correctly if the majority are planning to try it…

I Think it’s inter-regional event

Ok that will do.