A380 in tncm

why can’t the A380 land at TNCM??


Unfortunately, the A380 is a class F aircraft. The biggest gate at TNCM can only accommodate class E aircraft. The bigger the plane, the higher the class it falls into. Having a bigger aircraft could also cause issues with other gates, preventing other pilots from spawning in as the app will not let you spawn if any part of your aircraft will clip another


thats a bummer, what a waste of 18 hours.


When creating a flight plan, The destination airport (being TNCM) should automatically have a warning stating the aircraft is too large for the airport if its class cannot spawn at the airport.

As Drummer stated above, as the largest aircraft is a Class E aircraft, since you were in a Class F, if the fpl was created correctly you should’ve been well warned when creating your route. :)


Not a waste, you could land elsewhere


In their defense, Infinite Flight allows aircraft that are one class above the maximum gate to spawn, so technically an A380 can park there; however, controllers look at taxiways when determining if an aircraft is too large.

The A380 cannot fit on most taxiways which in turn would cause backups and less opportunities for the aircraft to either exit or enter the runway. The airport was very busy today, so efficiency is key.

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but if the B747 can land at TNCM then A380 should be able to land as they are both big planes, the A380 might be bigger in wingspan i get that and it didn’t cause i tested to see if it could fit within the gate and it did.

The 747 has different variants in the simulator. The 747-200 and 747-400 classify as Class E aircraft. The 747-8 though is class F


the B747-8 cant land at tncm?

No, as he said before. The biggest gate at TNCM is for E class aircraft.

Controllers would most likely deny entry with that aircraft, correct. IRL, I believe 747-400s landed there


ahhhh ok you can close this now.

As requested. Thanks all!

It’s more technical than the reasons that others have given. The TLDR for the IRL answer is that the runway cannot handle such weights that the A380 carries. Runways while they may seem to permit all sorts of aircraft to land are not as simple as they appear. This is the primary reason why the A380 can’t land a all major airports. The runways aren’t built tough enough. They are far more complex that your typical vehicle roadway.

Flexibility vs. Rigid, the material used as the foundation and other factors all play into what aircraft can land on such surfaces. The runway at TNCM is only capable of withstanding aircraft loads up to a PCN of 60. This is a technical number that is used for load bearing weights. An A380 if far heavier and exceeds this physical limitation with a 62 or 68 based on configuration. While the runway may just be enough or the ramp just barely big enough to accommodate such aircraft, it cannot land due to it exceeding the weight.

This is similar to what you’d see when crossing certain bridges. Trucks over XX tons are prohibited from crossing as they’d exceed structural weight limits for that bridge.

Anyways find the pictures below for reference. You can also look up “PCN/ACN weight bearing” or “aircraft weight bearing limits” for more info.

and now you know why the A380 doesn’t land a lot airports 🙂