A380 IAS/Climb Rate

Did my first flight in an A380 today and encountered an odd issue. I aimed to reach FL420 at a VS of 2K. At about FL360, my engines maxed out and the plane started to drop. IAS was set on the A/P to 0.82M but read 160 on the dial. Got a threatened stall, recovered, but couldn’t bring the plane up above FL350. I was over Antwerp flying at an 80 Deg heading into a 22nm headwind. Advice welcome!

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Your aircraft was too heavy to go over FL350 apparently. You should try step climbing.


And you should never climb that fast in an A380 above 10,000ft

Just use simbrief and do what it tells u to do!
Except the odd climb rate:)

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You can climb at that rate above FL100. In fact once you get past FL100 you may usually climb at 3500fpm in most aircraft.

@DadaBull can you list what your weight was? As you should have been step climbing in the A380 if you werent doing a short haul.

While the A380 can climb to that altitude it is a heavy aircraft and should only be flown at that altitude when the aircraft is really light. You also should not be climbing at 2000fpm above FL200 if you wish to maintain your speed. When you are climbing at that altitude, the A380 is particularly slow at step climbing so when you change altitudes up you should be climbing at 200fpm not 2000. The cruising speed for the A380 is also within the range of M84-M86 but economic and recommended cruise is M85.

Sound like you were extremely heavy and you were climbing way to fast. Check our the tutorial how to step climb by @DeerCrusher it is a life saver for flying heavy planes to high altitudes.

A Guide to Step Climbing

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Thanks everyone. Great and speedy advice as always. My error was not doing the step climbing. Moral of the story is: don’t get cocky and think that you can fly an A380 like an A319-100!

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