A380 high pitch during cruise

I’m currently cruising at 40000ft at a speed of M 0.82 even though I put a speed of M 0.85 in the A/P. My current pitch is 35% without using any trim. What am I supposed to do to reduce the pitch?

Do you have headwinds?

You might be too heavy to be cruising at 40000ft.


I have a 50kt headwind.

The flight I am replicating cruised at this altitude so I don’t see why I can’t cruise at that.

That’s pretty high. So is the 35 degree angle.

This ^

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What’s your load percentage?

How long into the flight are you?

My airplane load is 60%. I have been flying for 55 minutes.

I’m positive that that’s too heavy to be cruising at 40000 ft. Try descending to a more reasonable initial cruise like 36000 ft.


But what doesn’t make sense is that if the real flight was able to cruise at FL400, why can’t I?

They probably loaded their aircraft differently from yours.


Have you step-climbed? As said above, climbing to that Altitude with so much fuel isn’t the greatest idea. I suggest descending and then ascending again after some time.

What flight are you replicating? This has happened to me in different aircraft. Chances are you loaded more fuel into the plane than the flight you are replicating (this happened to me)

I am replicating flight EK85 from Dubaï to Zürich. I am currently flying over the Persian Golf.

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I honestly do not want to descend as it would kinda ruin my flight. I want to know if there are things that I can do at my current altitude to reduce the pitch.

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I have always had issues with the autopilot speed for the A380, and it’s usually 0.02 or 0.03 less than you set it to. Try setting it to Mach 0.88 or 0.87 and see if it works!

If this doesn’t work, descend to FL380 and see if it is okay. If you don’t want to descend, try fuel-dumping and get as light as you can!


I guess you could dump fuel.

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I have tried that but I don’t want to dump more fuel because I don’t want to run out of it.

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Try to speed up like @GlobalFlyer1 said.