A380 Group Flight Series | HNL - NRT | ANA A380

Hello everyone! This is a new series I am starting highlighting the A380. As we are all excited for the A380 this a great way to get everyone together and fly this big bird. All of the aircraft show up above will all be highlighted in this event! Join me as we fly the biggest passenger aircraft flying in the nice blue skies!

HNL Gates

C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Cpt-Lucc4
C2 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Prestoni
C3 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @BenjiTheBull
C4 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Ryan_15
C5 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @United403
C6 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Wonderousbuilder641
C7 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @ayyjay
C8 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @SWA1997
C9 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @AmericanB772
Extra Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Justin_Betances
D2 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Mike_Lima_Tango
F1 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @AK_Infinite_flight
F2 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @Aidan_LeJeune
G1 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @AviatorVJ
G2 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT) @deltaoutofdca
G3 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G4 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G5 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G6 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G7 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G8 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G9 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)
G10 ANA A380 Tokyo(NRT)

NRT Gates

T2 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Departure Pilot
Gate 32 ANA A380 Honolulu @AmericanB772
Gate 34 ANA A380 Honolulu @Justin_Betances
Gate 36 ANA A380 Honolulu @Wonderousbuilder641
Gate 38 ANA A380 Honolulu @SWA1997
Gate 47 ANA A380 Honolulu @United403
Gate 46 ANA A380 Honolulu @Ryan_15
Gate 45 ANA A380 Honolulu @BenjiTheBull
Gate 44 ANA A380 Honolulu @ayyjay
Gate 43 ANA A380 Honolulu @Prestoni
Gate 42 ANA A380 Honolulu @Cpt-Lucc4
Gate 41 ANA A380 Honolulu @AviatorVJ
Gate 37 ANA A380 Honolulu @deltaoutofdca
Gate 35 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 33 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 31 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 51 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 52 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 53 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 54 ANA A380 Honolulu
Gate 55 ANA A380 Honolulu


Frequency Controller


Frequency Controller

Airline: All Nippon Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Departure ICAO: PHNL
Arrival ICAO: RJAA
Flight Time: 7:05
Cruise: TBD
Departure Runway: TBD
Arrival Runway:TBD
SPAWN TIME: 2024-05-04T14:45:00Z

  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Listen to all ATC instructions
  • If no ATC please use Unicom correctly
  • Maintain Good Separation
  • Spawn in 15 minutes before event starts and Copy flight plan
  • Have Fun!


Give me any gate please!

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Coming right up!

Oh baby! What a cool event

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Any gate for me as well 😄

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This is one of many my friend

C2 and 47 PLease!

You got it!

Yeah i saw the series title and got excited

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Im pretty sure Narita might be 3D this coming update too

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oh 100% it will be

Lets go, Narita needed some attention

Sign me up!

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I’ll take it

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Can I get this gate pls
I will be doing the Blue Turtle

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This one for arrival

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Maybe once I pass (hopefully) the IFATC test I’ll sign up for ATC… gotta wait 2 weeks tho because I already failed once 💀.

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I failed 3 times in a row 💀 I can retry again now but I’m still practicing

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I want to join but will this event get cancelled if the new 380 isn’t out by then? If it’s out by then I’ll sign up

It will be

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