A380 Gear Won’t Turn on Landing

Hey all: I’ve had a few issues with the A380 in particular. Here’s the details: Once the front gear touches down, the yoke turns either sharply left or right and I can’t turn the aircraft either by rudder or yoke. It also appears that the aircraft nose in points further down. I’m not sure if this is by design if I landed too hard or if it is a bug. I checked some other posts on this issue such as clearing the cache but haven’t had any success.

Thanks again for your input.


Hey! Are you landing with the autopilot on or off?

It seems like you’re landing with the heading engaged which often results in the aircraft swerving to maintain that heading.

To fix this, simply turn off all APs and manually land the aircraft. That should fix the swerving on the runway problem :)


If you are setting the nose down too hard you may see a “sinking effect” of the nose gear which makes it appear lower. Add a little bit more back pressure once your main gear touches down this way the nose doesn’t slam down on you. You can practice this on Solo and once you get more comfortable you can hop over to the live servers. Positive trim will help this too as it reduces the need to apply more back pressure.


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