A380 Gear Retract Bug

The A380’s left landing gear in IF goes up before the rest of the landing gear, and it doesn’t even wait for the flaps to open first, therefore hitting the flap. All of the landing gear should go up at the same time, and it definitely should wait until the flaps drop open first. I’m not sure if anybody has realized this bug before.


Realize how the left landing gear starts going up before the rest, and how the flaps haven’t even dropped open yet.


How to reproduce:

1: Select the A380.
2: Take off, and retract your landing gear.

I reported this a long time ago and it was closed because it was a “known issue”, just saying.

I searched up “A380 Gear” and didn’t find any bug reports. :/

One of my first topics ever made.

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its an old model, when they update it, it should be fixed.

It needs a serious overhaul. But it’s definitely not on the top of the list for a rework.

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This is a known issue. It will be hopefully reworked soon.

Known issue. :)