A380 gate changes at Gatwick

Hello, as a employee at Gatwick i wish to tell you that the stand 110 use for the emirates A380 is going to be knocked down to extend the pier 6 as of this the A380 stand will now be on stand 558 meaning stand 556/559 have been destroyed to make stand 558 bigger to fit it. Gatwick airport will be changing over the next coming year. But for now the A380 gate has moved. Thank you and i hope you would be willing to implement this into the game. Thank you for your hard work.


One for the @airportediting team! They may have already done this 🙂


I’ll have to look how easily this can be done with only charts/without satellite images but I’ll have a look


The chart effective today shows 559 still present, will this change or is it just being used to park two narrow bodies there while no 380 is present? @Gatwick_Aviation

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Hello. 559 and 556 are no longer their as their are 3 new jet bridges present where the gates used to be. 558 is now a A380 only gate

Hi there, I am currently re doing the airport at the monent. Regarding the new changes at EGKK I will only be able to add the new Twy Q without a yellow taxiway line. Feel free to message me for more details

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