A380 gate at EDDL

Hey, could someone please tell me the gate(s) in EDDL which support the A380?

Well, if you select the A380, then go to select your parking spot, all unavailable ones will be red, and it will only let you spawn in available ones.

Well yes, but I’m flying into EDDL (I’m not spawning there)

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you can visit vh-net.com . There, you can find the maximum size a gate can handle note: not all airports are in the website

Alright, thanks a ton!

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Umm I’m not able to access the website. Now that I remember, I tried to access this website a couple days ago but to no avail. My WiFi was working fine (I tried opening a Wikipedia page and it worked) so I’m assuming I can’t access it due to my region. Is there anything else I can do?

not sure unfortunately :/. Sorry 'bout that but I hope someone can save you.
Be sure to check the gate size restrictions at your destinations in IF before you start a flight

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No worries, and thanks for your help anyway!

You can try downloading the app!

Are you sure it’s accurate? The last two times my friend and I did a flight together and parked next to each other (following what was given in VirtualHub), we ended up with our wings clipping each other.

They using Virtual Hub.

While I believe they get their data from a reliable source, if you would like to know more about this, feel free to contact @Dragos and he’ll gladly help you out!

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Never mind, I searched up “A380 at Dusseldorf Airport” on YouTube and found a nice time-lapse showing where the A380 was parked. Comparing the features of the gate between Google Earth and the time-lapse, I have figured out where to park. Thank you so much for all your help!


YouTube? nice

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