A380 future rework questions

Hey guys hope y’all good.

I have a few questions about the A380 rework.

  1. All the liveries the old A380 had will be on the on the new A380? (Expect transero).
  2. Will they update the Jetbridges & terminals where the A380 will be parking/operating (Dubai for example)?.
  3. Will it have 2 decks with cabin modeled? Not with seats but with empty interior like the A330?
  4. Will it have PW and Rolls Royce engines?
  5. New catering trucks could be made for the A380’s second floor?

And that’s it, thx for reading 😁


These are great questions. I closed your topic in order to avoid speculation and/or snarky comments. The short answer is that we don’t know. Especially since the A380 is further away in the development timeline, we just need to be patient. When it’s the A380’s turn to be reworked, I’m sure we will get some good WIP updates.