A380 Fuel Burn issue

Hello all,
I searched through before posting this and have not seen any similar topics so I thought I would bring it up here and see if anyone has noticed the same issue. It was hard to put in to words but I feel I have finally zeroed in on it. I will include some screenshots if I am able to upload them.

After spawning in my A380 and adding fuel, I determined that once my aircraft would reach MLW, I would still have 137,xxx lbs of fuel left. 14 hours into my flight I was descending and checked my weights. I still had 125,000 lbs of fuel left (which in theory should mean I was under MLW, but I wasn’t) It indicated to me I would need to dump 77,000 lbs of fuel to be under MLW. After using the fuel dump and allowing it to stop on its own at MLW, it left me with only 8,000 lbs of fuel left.

What went wrong?

(I’ll attempt to upload my screenshots in the replies)

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Zero Fuel added

Fuel left at MLW

Total fuel added for flight

How do you gather that?

Nevermind I thought you only loaded 137,000 pounds into the plane

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Because you also brought cargo and passengers, that adds more weight, meaning you had to burn more to get below MLW.

Hope this helps! If I have mistaken your issue, please let me know :D

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You’re not understanding. The rate of fuel burn should not change how much fuel would be left once enough fuel has been used to reach MLW

Did you watch your fuel flow… The aircraft dumps enough to be under MLW…

You have to keep in mind passengers and cargo, they count towards the MLW

The rate of fuel burn also depends on your throttle. You may have burned less fuel because your throttle settings were low during cruise.

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None of the comments are seeing the issue here. The point is, MLW should have been when 137,000 lbs of fuel remained.

It makes no sense that I would only be left with 8000 lbs after reaching MLW.

Thanks for your input but you’re missing the point.

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Do you mean 8000 lbs of fuel?

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Passenger and cargo count to it. If you had no passengers and cargo then you would have more fuel when at MLW


To be honest, I think when you dump fuel above the MLW, the fuel will keep on dumping past the MLW until you stop it. At that point, you are no longer able to dump fuel.

Technically no because, when you dump fuel on some aircrafts, the fuel dump will stop and say aircraft is below maximum landing weight. I think in this case, that’s why you never fly when you set you fuel to “MLW”

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Ok, let me try to explain this more simply:

The rate at which the fuel burns and the rate at which the aircraft’s total weight decreases, are not equal. The two numbers do not go down the same amount. It has nothing to do with cargo or passengers.

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Yes, I believe this is an issue with the A380. As far as I know, it’s a known bug, and hopefully if the A380 gets a rework, the fuel burn numbers, which are currently incorrect, will be fixed and the MLW will be fixed as well. The A380 is an old aircraft as well.


People what he is saying that when he hd 127,000lbs of fuel left he should have been under MLW but that it was still reading he needed to fuel dump to be under MLW. It also should be noted the system is suppose to stop fuel dump once you are below MLW. In this case the system was saying he was still above MLW on one screen yet in flight it was saying he wasnt


If that is the case then I guess it is a bug.

Yes I understand now. Probs a bug, until it is fixed probably fly a better Aircraft like the 787

I’ve also had this issue during the only time I used the 380. Interestingly, all the “tail fuel” drained first

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