A380 flight (@ EGLL, July 31)

A380 formation flight

The flight will take place in London Heathrow at 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm the time is noon in free flight sever .ps please only bring A380 or F-14 and I will be at the front of you."

What time zone are we talking about? Can you make it Zulu time so everyone knows please!

@Joanna_King please tell us which time zone you’re talking about or display the time in UTC!

Sorry ppl it is the 31st in stead from too,clock to four o,clock.

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Zulu is an hour behind UCT

Do you mean UTC? If so Zulu is UTC. Coordinated Universal Time - Wikipedia

UK time currently is UTC+1 hr (or GMT+1hr since UTC and GMT are the same). If this is supposed to be 1200-1400 UK time it is 1100-1300Z.


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Google.jpg. Haha. Love that image name! :joy: @Swang007

Yeah sorry lol. My screenshot application saves images as a .tiff file, which Discourse doesn’t support so I have to change the extension every time…

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@Joanna_King is this in Zulu time?

Yes so for instance 3:00PM GMT or UTC is 15:00! However it is 14:00in Zulu am I right?

If you’re on a Windows computer you don’t need one. Look on the latest post on the 140,000 ft thread. If you want to crop it just paste it into paint and it’s fine! =)

I’m using a Mac

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Oh. That’s fine then :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually getting a Mac soon, anyway.

Just saying my username is IFW.

Cool can you come to my event please.

Oh you have only just joined! Welcome to the forum @Joanna_King

I don’t think so.

No. I’m so sorry. I don’t like formation flying :persevere: