A380 flaps usage

In the unofficial guide posted, in the flaps section it says that at around 200kts flaps 1 is optimum, and flaps 2 at 180kts. Also in that table are values for when flaps 1+f is optimum.

I’m just wondering, am I right to not use flaps 1+f during approach? My understanding is that there is only a setting for flaps 1 IRL but on the ground with weight it automatically sets 1+f and during approach it sets just 1 so it’s just slats.

I’m also a little concerned about the speeds, it seems like at flaps 1 at 200 it’s there is more of an aggressive pitch up attitude than I would like, so I’ve been setting flaps 2 at 200, but I’m not sure if that’s correct to be doing. Then flaps 3 at 180 and full by 160, so everything 20 kts above the the guide. Is that correct to do?

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If you’re setting flaps 20 kts above the recommended guide and it works, great 👍 remember that the profile guides are rough numbers and in most cases are done in the best stable condtions

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