A380 engines

How come only one engine on either side on the A380 has reverse thrusts?

The outer engines usually hang out of the paved area of most runways, increasing A LOT the chance of FOD ingestion


The decision not to install reversers on the A380’s two outboard engines saved weight and lowered the chances that those engines, which sometimes hang over runway edges, would be damaged by ingesting foreign objects.

The two reversers do help slow the A380—but not by much. In fact, unlike the thrust reversers on most airliners, including the Boeing 747 jumbo, they do not stop the aircraft in a shorter distance than brakes and spoilers alone. They do, however, take some of the strain off the brakes and are useful if water or snow makes the runway slippery.


To avoid Debris ingestion.

As you quoted, reverses are not that useful in dry weather operations for airliners this size.