A380 Engine Sound ‘Survey’

Hi all,

As we are all aware of by now, Infinite Flight will be bringing out a complete rebuild of the A380.

I have my hopes that such a special aircraft will be given a special sound set to suit.

Although I do appreciate there are various challenges to developing sounds in Infinite Flight (my understanding, although still extremely limited, is far better thanks to conversations with certain developers), I feel like it would be a nice touch to one of the most respected and highly voted aircraft in the history of the App.

The A380 was originally offered with 2 engine options:

Rolls-Royce Trent 900
GE/Pratt GP7200

Personally, I feel the Trents have a far more recognisable sound to them with a deep rumble during startup and a characteristic ‘whine/whistle’ during low thrust and taxi.

Anyway, that’s enough gushing. My question is, IF the A380 were to get the sound set it deserves, which engine sounds would you rather hear?

Community snowflake disclaimer: I am in no way whatsoever suggesting that the A380 will come with new sounds, nor am I speculating. This is not an official post. The survey is purely for my own curiosity and to create conversation.

  • Trent 900
  • GP7200

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There’s only one winner here…Trent 900’s 😏🙌🏽


Well RR is the best soooo Trent’s for the win

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The Rolls Royce for the win!! 💯

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As an addition to my original post above, the link below is to a video by Nonstop Dan (formally Dantorp Aviation) of an A380 with Trent engines departing Heathrow.

I appreciate that we are probably a long way off having a sound set this detailed in Infinite Flight (and I mean that in the most respectful way possible). That said, the video does really show off the beautiful sounds the aircraft makes during start up, taxi and takeoff.

As an added bonus, the video was filmed from almost exactly above the flap motors 😁

I cannot recommend enough using a decent set of ear/headphones or a speaker system to listen to it. Believe me, it’s worth it.

A380 Startup, taxi and takeoff from Heathrow - Dantorp


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