A380 Engine failure bug

Okay so i downloaded the a380 or updated it and spawned in dubai, well i went to start the engines and powering up engine 1 i would watch it have a good start up but at 18% it quits out like an actual engine failure. I tried again with all engines and it does the same. I wish i could record this with a camera but heres some screenshots

That is strange, maybe the A380 did not download correctly. Try uninstalling the app and redownload the plane.

Try it if u can i tried on two devices & it did the same thing

Check your fuel perhaps?


I was not able to reproduce it. As @Fredypasaud said, check if you have enough fuel.

I deleted the app and redownloaded with my extra aircraft. My device storage for if went from 3.62gb to 297mb & it worked fine after that. Thank you. Devs can close the topic for my other device that one was fuel

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Glad to hear, enjoy ;)

No fuel in the plane?