A380 dual cockpit anomaly

I was fooling around with the A380, and I realized that the cockpit in the cockpit camera mode is different from that of free mode. In the cockpit mode, you get the correct A380 cockpit, but when you go into free cam and look, you see an A320/330/340 cockpit. Is this a weird glitch, a known issue or cut corner? Thanks.

A video I’ve made that shows what I mean here:

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It’s probably because the aircraft is older, so they couldn’t render it in for the outside cam.

Maybe. I would like to know for sure, though.

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It seems like it’s just an old render due to limited programming at that time. (Not as much money for programming/coding these models.) nothing to worry about if you ask me! ;)

Agreed, probably a relic of the old Infinite Flight. @moderators may close this

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Hopefully if the A380 gets a rework, that gets fixed. I’ve never noticed that before… weird.

Recreating LAX-DEN-CDG, the AF emergency flight? ;)


Nah, just doing some free cam trickery.

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