A380 doesn't download

Hi everyone! I just got subscriptions after several months just to try the a380, but seems like i can fly any aircraft except the newer aircraft like the challenger 350 and a380. I’ve tried to restart the app multiple times but still stuck at 0% downloading. I’m using mobile data since my place doesn’t have wifi. But my data speed is quite fast.

Device: Galaxy Tab A8
Android 14

Please help me…

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This sounds look your issue could be network related on your end. Have you tried resetting your device’s network settings? Here is Samsung’s Reset process:

Resetting your network settings will remove all Bluetooth pairings and stored Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Open Settings and then tap General management.
  2. Tap Reset, and then tap Reset network settings.
  3. Tap Reset settings. You will prompted to enter your PIN or password to continue if you have one set.
  4. Finally, tap Reset. You can now test your mobile connection

Also consider this: How much storage do you have available? You’ll need some free space to download the aircraft, and they’ll take up more space compared to other aircraft since they’re new with a lot more detail and features.


Thank you for the solution, but still no progress. Still at 0% downloading. And i have a storage of 12gb left

What region are you in and who is your cellular provider? Something must be blocking the packet from downloading.

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