A380 does not follow HDG at low speed

Hello friends! I have had this problem for a while and I looked for someone’s topic commenting on something similar to my problem. The problem I was having is when I am at low speed for example 210 kts requested by ATC. When he asks for a direction (HDG) or Autopilot, the aerenave gets silly and keeps going back and forth and ATC understands that I am not following his directions. Could anyone help me on this?

PS : If you have a link about this same problem, put the link. I’ll be happy

Hey. The A380 does not have the best flight physics in IF. I know that the aircraft sometimes overshoots the heading by a few degrees (for example when you are at 280° and want to turn to 300° it will overshoot to heading 305° or so) but the autopilot is usually able to return the selected heading.
But this return to the original heading might become more difficult for the AP when the plane is heavy and/ or at a low speed.
So back to your problem: Do you know how heavy the plane was when the issue occurred and were your flaps extended?

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I’ve that this problem also. The speed indicator start glitching ex: 210-215-213-210 super fast. This mostly happen on widebody! 👀

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Yesterday, for example, YSSY leaves, going now to KLAX and it was heavy and almost collided with another aircraft. it was 190kts and the flaps were on.

What was your N1? At the moment if you can recall?

I don’t remember, but the engines were 97%

97% the running full. Most likely your VS was very high

Check this out: maybe it will help 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for sharing this, but I think the problem is when the aircraft is at low speed on takeoff or approach. When this aircraft is heavy, I always go for 29,000ft to burn the fuel, but as we said before, the physics of the A380 may be out of the standard with other long-range aircraft.
I would like to know if you have information on the configuration of the flaps and speed so that the aircraft does not get “silly”. just an example. sometimes I fail to do a procedure that has a speed limit and the aircraft does not go down with speed, it does not go on the path (HDG) for it to follow.

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